5 Important Things a CAD Printer Must Have

Ready To Purchase a New CAD Plotter? Read this before you decide.

1. Ease of Use

Taking the time to learn complex new software just to print is no fun. You should be able to print in just a few easy steps. A CAD Technical Plotter that is simple to use and works when it should. This needs to be one of the most important things to look for. Here are a few of our recommendations for a great printer that just works for you not against you.

2. Color vs. Black & White

With today’s technology, there is absolutely no reason not to print in color. HP paved the way with its innovative PageWide XL printers. Printing in Color is now the Same Price as Printing in Black and White. You deserve to have great-looking prints all the time. Here are our most popular PageWide Printers.

3. CAD Technical Plotter Reliability

Sometimes spending a little more upfront will save you a bunch of money in the long run. Don’t waste time with costly repairs that will shut down your production for a day or two. Less downtime and less ink used equals money saved long term. Don’t be fooled by a “cheaper” alternative to a great Reliable CAD Plotter. They don’t really work out. Spend that extra repair money on something you really love. Like Tacos for the entire office! Your new Reliable CAD Plotter will handle the rest!

4. CAD Technical Plotter Quality

Your print quality is the star of the show. You need to have great-looking drawings with text that can be easily read with extremely sharp detail. Your CAD Technical Plotter should always produce great results.

5. Functionality, Must be able to Stack Prints

Your options also matter. Having a CAD Technical Plotter that can hold multiple rolls and handle different paper types will make life easier on the production side. It will also save time, so you don’t have to constantly switch paper during production. A CAD printer with a reliable top or rear stacker will make those big print jobs stay organized and easy to manage.

The bottom line is you should not settle for a CAD Technical Plotter that does not get the job done. Your time, money, and energy are valuable, use them wisely.