HP DesignJet T1700

HP DesignJet T1700

Monthly Rentals From

$79.99 – $99.99 / Month For 36-Months

Rent the HP Designjet T1700 today! The Designjet T1700 is an affordable CAD plotter. The Designjet T1700 has an extremely affordable rental plan offered throughout the midwest. The Designjet T1700 will copy and print CAD blueprints and comes with an extra large touchscreen making it super easy to use. The HP Designjet T1700 can be configured at the purchase as a single-roll printer or dual-roll printer. Once it’s configured, the rolls are NOT field upgradable so you can’t ever make a single roll a dual roll plotter.

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Rental Program - 36 Months and Includes Ink, Paper, and HP T1700

The HP Designjet T1700 printer is the perfect choice for architects, engineers, and contractors looking for a simple affordable rental device. Your teams have never been more empowered with high performance and a seamless experience for all, enabling unprecedented collaboration. Your network has never been more protected with the world's most secure large-format printer. Rental plans for the HP T1700 plotter are offered in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. The plan includes ink, print head, paper, and the device on a 36-month rental plan. The cost of the plan varies slightly depending on features. HP T1700 Designjet rental from $79.99 to $99.99 per month.

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Rental Locations

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