A new wide-format printer is an exciting day for your team

Your New Printer

A Carefully Planned Delivery


Our service technicians will deliver & install your new printer, answer questions, and train your staff

Before we deliver and the day we deliver

Our technicians will complete a pre-install check list with you before we deliver the printer to make sure your installation day goes smooth.

Your delivery day is carefully planned to ensure electric voltage, networks and space requirements are all considered.

Installation includes establishing network connections, loading software, setting up printer sharing and training.

  • Check electrical requirements
  • Set-up network connections
  • Install print driver software
  • Ensure space requirements are met
  • Train your team and answer questions

As one of our customers you will receive

  • 4-hour phone response during business hours
  • Expert advice and a friendly, consultative approach
  • Same or guaranteed next-day, on-site service
  • Experienced, manufacturer trained technicians
  • Free software updates with contract
  • Telephone support


All new printers include a manufacturer’s warranty.

(typically 1-5 years)

A New Printer is Awesome

Having your own large-format printer allows you to print on demand, with no driving or deliveries. Imagine being able to work during off hours, print your files all from your office.

Don't Drop Ship

This really is one item we don’t recommend ordering online and being drop shipped. They come in a very large heavy box with a lot of packing and very little instruction.

We have some great stories of moving these 1,000+ pound printers into offices. Sometimes taking them apart and putting them back together. It sometimes involves building custom ramps or removing all the side panels to squeeze into elevators and stairs. We get the job done. Ask your technician for his best story.


Wide-format Printer Relocation 

Moving/transporting the printer

Eastern Engineering uses its own factory trained and certified service engineers, as well as lift-gate moving trucks to assure that your equipment is packed and moved according to manufacturer specifications.

Whether you are moving into another office or another building make sure that your wide-format printer is packed, moved, and reconnected according to the manufacturer.

Some models of printers need to be carefully leveled before being restarted after being moved. Even moving them across the room and restarting them without leveling them properly can cause damage.

We are here to help. At least give us a call before you move. We will be glad to discuss your options for preparing your equipment for a safe move without costly repairs.


Walk Through Test

We have the exact size cardboard cutout of your printer. We can carry the cutout through the stairs and sharp turns to make sure it will fit and can remain level the whole time.

Costly Repairs

A customer called after moving their machine down a set of stairs by themselves. Instead of saving money, the total cost to the repair the damage was twice our estimate to move it.

Free Advice

At the very least, before you move contact your service department. We can provide and estimate and discuss your options for a safe and hassle free move.

It’s not just the size & weight of the printers.

There are other considerations when moving a wide-format printer.

Toner based wide-format printers

If you tilt or jostle the machine too much when moving, the developer can fall into motors and other parts of the machine. Not only is it expensive to clean up and replace the developer, but because it is metal, it can short out expensive motors and circuit boards.

If internal parts are not secured before a move, they can possibly damage the drum surface.

Ink based wide-format printers

Keep the ink jet printer level, upright and it is very important to prevent tipping.

On some models you need to drain the ink system if you have to tilt the printer.

Turn the power off and remove all media, all cables and power cords from the printer.


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