True Half-Size Blueprints for the Jobsite

Why True Half-Size Blueprints?

Efficiency and accuracy are crucial considerations for any construction project, and one often overlooked aspect is the size of blueprints used on the jobsite. While full-size prints have been the traditional choice, true half-size blueprints at 12×18 inches offer significant advantages over the inferior 11×17 alternative. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of true half-size blueprints and why they are superior for jobsite use. Additionally, we will highlight the Epson printers, such as the Epson 878R, Epson 879R, and a few other printers which provide exceptional quality and functionality for producing true half-size blueprints, further enhancing efficiency on the jobsite.

True Half-Size: The Optimal Choice

A true half-size blueprint measures 12×18 inches, providing the ideal balance between legibility and portability. True half-size means the prints are to scale eliminating potential for errors on the jobsite. Compared to the inferior 11×17 option, the true half-size format offers more space for detailing and annotations while remaining compact enough for easy handling, transportation, and storage. Embracing true half-size blueprints improves efficiency, improves accuracy and reduces chances of errors and omissions on the jobsite.

The inferiority of 11×17 Prints

Scaling down full-size prints to 11×17 inches compromises the clarity and legibility of important project details. The smaller size makes text, annotations, and intricate design elements harder to read and understand. Choosing the inferior 11×17 option introduces the risk of misinterpretation, errors, and potentially costly mistakes. True half-size blueprints provide a superior alternative, ensuring that all critical information remains clear and accurate. The other downside to 11×17 is that the prints are not to scale creating much more risk for errors. 12×18 printing eliminates the extra step altogether!

Epson Printers: Unparalleled Quality

Among the available printers capable of producing true half-size blueprints, Epson models, including the WF-C878, and WF-C879, stand out as industry leaders. These printers offer exceptional quality and functionality, delivering superior results on the jobsite. Key advantages of Epson printers include:

  • Print Quality: Epson printers are renowned for their precise and high-resolution printing capabilities. The true half-size blueprints produced by Epson models showcase sharp lines, clear text, and accurately reproduced details, ensuring that all project stakeholders can easily comprehend and interpret the plans.
  • Durability: Epson printers are built to withstand the demanding environments of jobsites. They are designed to endure the rigors of construction sites, including exposure to dust, moisture, and other elements. The durability of Epson printers ensures uninterrupted productivity, reducing the risk of equipment failure and costly downtime.
  • Compact Size: Epson printers offer a compact footprint, making them well-suited for space-constrained jobsite trailers or offices. The smaller form factor maximizes available space and allows for easy placement and movement within the construction site. Epson printers’ compact size enhances convenience, adaptability, and flexibility to meet various project requirements.

Other Printers that can Print 12×18 or “True Half-Size” blueprints that we absolutely love!

Final Thoughts on True Half-Size Blueprints for the Jobsite

True half-size blueprints measuring 12×18 inches provide significant benefits on the jobsite compared to the inferior 11×17 option. Embracing true half-size blueprints enhances legibility, accuracy, and overall productivity. Epson printers, such as the WF-C878, and WF-C879, offer unparalleled print quality, durability, and a compact size that makes them ideal for producing true half-size blueprints on the jobsite or placing them inside a jobsite trailer. By adopting true half-size blueprints and utilizing Epson printers, construction professionals can optimize efficiency, reduce errors, and streamline their workflows, ultimately contributing to successful project outcomes.

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