HP DesignJet XL 3600 36 inches Print/Scan/Copy


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HP DesignJet XL 3600 36 inches Print/Scan/Copy

The HP Designjet XL 3600 wide format printer features the fastest first page out, there’s no more waiting with this wide format printer.  This plotter is very popular with contractors who want to replace legacy KIP Oce Ricoh and Canon wide format printers. The HP 3600 has a compact design making it an ideally suited wide format system for architects, contractors and engineers.

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The HP Designjet 3600 wide format printer delivers superior performance at a modest price. At Eastern Engineering we stock this device as a two roll printer and it also comes with a the scanner and touchscreen. The touchscreen interface is simple to use.  The main difference in this unit as compared to other designjets are:

  • Designjet XL 3600 has 2 paper drawers that hold 500 foot CAD paper rolls. The paper is simple and quick to changeout.
  • large articulating touchscreen interface
  • Also, you'll benefit from faster speeds as compared to the HP T2600 designjet the next unit lower in it's class.
  • The next printer up from the this unit is the HP PWXL 4200 (Pagewide 4200).

The HP 3600 will print 2 to 3 pages per minute and the pagewide will print 10 D size pages per minute. The HP DJXL 3600 uses pigment ink for the black ink only while the Pagewide has all pigment inks.