Choosing the best printer for a Jobsite

If you’re searching for the best printer for a jobsite location, hopefully we can help. Jobsite and construction trailer printing continues to evolve. Years ago, every jobsite required a full size copier and wide format printer. Today, the jobsite leans more heavily into cloud based construction management software like eComm decreasing the needs for printing. Also, others may think of solutions like Plangrid, Procore but do these solutions completely eliminate the need for print? In most cases, No.

First, age of the project manager and historical dependency on paper play a factor. Some contractors best understand print and are not comfortable without it. The reason for this might be vision limitations or discomfort with technology advancements. With smaller screens like an iPad or iPhone you can’t see the entire blueprint. Second, large fast tracked construction projects demand coordination drawings to be produced onsite. Third, smaller projects may not be worth the effort to setup a jobsite trailer with all the whistle and bells.

Custom ramp designed for construction trailer printer installation
Steel plates can help maneuver door thresholds

Plotters, Wide Format Printers and Blueprint Copiers for Jobsites and Construction Trialers:

  1. HP T2600 MFP, it’s compact, makes copies and prints 2 pages per minute (prints full size drawings, has a scanner and stacks).
  2. Canon TM 305 or TM 305 MFP uses pigment ink for all colors but lacks a friendly stacker.
  3. PWXL 4200 because it flat screams with speed! If you haven’t seen one of these, take a look at the images above. We moved a HP PWXL 4200 into the construction trailer.

Smaller Office Printers for Jobsites

  1. Epson 878R is perfect for jobsites because it can print 13×19 or 12×18. As you may know, half size construction drawings are extremely popular. These units are built for the jobsite. I tell my clients they’re Tonka Truck tough!

Choosing to Purchase or Rent

Once you find the perfect jobsite and construction trailer printer , you’ll need to make one more decision. That decision is to rent or to own. At Eastern, our clients predominately rent. It often makes the most sense. The environment of a job site is pretty rugged and dirty. Also, moving these units frequently will prematurely cause aging and part failure. With ownership, many times the IT Department is burdened with managing a dilapidated inventory of old products. If you can rent, you won’t have these headaches. You might be asking, what are the particulars of a short term or long term jobsite rental. Check this out for more detail If you prefer to watch a video on the benefits on renting: