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Copier, Printer and Scanner Services

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Our technicians identify and resolve error codes, network, security, server, and software issues.


Prevent copier/printer repair issues by getting preventative maintenance. We offer regular tuneups for your Xerox.

Repair Services

You don’t have to be on a Service Plan. Even if you didn’t purchase your Xerox printer from Eastern Engineering, we will be glad to provide service.

Xerox is Customizable - Add More Functions

You may not need to buy a new printer to add the features you need. We sell printing devices, including staplers, scanning to email/file, hold punch, extra paper drawers, fax kits, booklet making, and mobile printing.

See our Blog for These Most Common Xerox Repairs

"Clicking or gear skipping" noise

The most common reason is toner cartridges bound up around the auger and/or full or needs full waste toner container

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"Hollowing or whining" noise

This commonly happens after replacing a waste toner container. Customers will hear this sound occasionally on some waste toner container replacements.

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Black lines across all copies and scans

Usually, there is a pen mark, dust, marker, whiteout, or adhesive residue on that strip of glass causing the image quality defect.

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Held for resources error

The most common issue is paper guides in the tray(s) not set correctly and/or paper type for that tray or trays not set correctly.

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With moderate use, reasonable printing demands, and proper maintenance most copiers can be expected to perform well for 3 to 5 years.

Some printers can last longer, but eventually, you may need a new printer.

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