Gear-Skipping or Clicking Noise in Xerox Printer 

Clicking noise in Xerox Printer? A common issue on a Xerox printer is clicking or gear-skipping noise. This noise is often caused by toner cartridges becoming bound up around the auger or a full or near-full waste toner container. Here are three simple steps to address this noise issue and restore your Xerox printer to smooth operation. 

Check Xerox Toner Cartridges: 

The most common reason for the clicking or gear-skipping noise is toner cartridges being bound up around the auger. To address this, start by removing the toner cartridges from the machine. Give each cartridge a few gentle taps to loosen any toner that may have become stuck around the auger. You should be able to slightly spin the gear on the back of the toner cartridge. Repeat this process for all toner cartridges. 

Inspect Xerox Waste Toner Container: 

If the noise persists after checking and addressing the toner cartridges, the next step is to examine the waste toner container. If the container is full or nearly full, it may be causing the noise. Replace the waste toner container with a new one.  

Test the Printer: 

After addressing the toner cartridges and waste toner container, reassemble the printer and perform a test print. Check if the clicking or gear-skipping noise has been resolved.  

Experiencing a gear-skipping or clicking noise in Xerox printer can be frustrating, but it’s often caused by fixable issues related to the toner cartridges and the waste toner container. By following the steps above, you can troubleshoot and fix these common causes.  

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