Our Xerox Printer is Hollowing and Whining!

How to Make the Noise Stop After Replacing Xerox Waste Toner Container 

Xerox Printer is Hollowing or whining? After replacing a waste toner container in Xerox printers, some users may encounter a hollowing or whining noise. While this sound can be concerning, it is generally not a cause for worry. The noise occurs due to a specific mechanism involving a metal auger running through the waste toner container, resting on raised plastic seatings. This issue typically arises when the manufacturing part lacks proper lubrication. 

You may hear a whining noise after replacing the waste toner container. 

As mentioned earlier, the noise occurs due to the interaction between the metal auger and the raised plastic seatings in the waste toner container. Lack of proper lubrication on the auger during manufacturing leads to the noise. 

However, it’s important to note that this noise does not affect the functionality or performance of the printer. 

Fortunately, this noise issue typically resolves itself with time and use. When the printer is operated, waste toner is dispensed into the container, and the auger gets adequately lubricated. The noise will gradually diminish and eventually stop as the lubrication process takes place. It’s important to be patient and give the printer sufficient time to resolve the issue naturally. 

Watch the how-to video here:

Remember to give the printer sufficient time for the lubrication process to take effect. If the noise persists or if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Eastern Engineering for support