Xerox VersaLink C400

Xerox VersaLink C400

The VersaLink C400 revolutionizes workplace productivity with next-generation features and easy, instant cloud and mobile connectivity. Built for the way you work today, and ready for where you grow tomorrow— with all the flexibility and versatility your business needs to work better with minimal IT support and maximum security.

Easy, efficient, and entirely new.

With the customizable, capacitive 5-inch color touchscreen, you can tap, swipe and pinch your way through tasks and functions with mobile-like ease.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps help optimize office efficiency, and on-screen access to the extensive Xerox® App Gallery provides expanded functionality.

With Simple ID, individual users and groups enter a user ID and password once, and then enjoy fast, secure access to task-specific presets individualized favorite contacts and commonly used apps on a personalized home screen. Freedom, and app-based functionality.

The VersaLink C400 Color Printer gives you the freedom to work where and how you want—with out-of-the-box direct connectivity to Google DriveTM, Microsoft® OneDrive® and DropBoxTM, and access to additional options through the Xerox® App Gallery.

The ability to connect and print from multiple devices is key for today’s worker, and VersaLink devices meet the challenge with optional Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, plus Apple® AirPrint®, Google Cloud print, Xerox® Print Service Plug-in for AndroidTM, Near Field Communication (NFC) Tap- to-Pair and Mopria®.

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One-sided Speed1

8.5 x 11 in.
A4/210 x 297 mm
8.5 x 14 in./216 x 356 mm

Up to 36 ppm color and black-and-white Up to 35 ppm color and black-and-white Up to 30 ppm color and black-and-white

Two-sided Speed1

8.5 x 11 in.
A4/210 x 297 mm
8.5 x 14 in./216 x 356 mm

Up to 24 ppm color and black-and-white Up to 23 ppm color and black-and-white Up to 21 ppm color and black-and-white

Monthly Duty Cycle2

Recommended Average Monthly Print Volume3

Processor Memory Connectivity

Controller Features
User Interface Languages

Up to 85,000 pages/month Up to 8,500 pages

1.05GHz ARM Dual-Core 2 GB

Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T, High-speed USB 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11n and Wi-Fi Direct with optional Wi-Fi Kit (concurrent wired and wireless connections supported), NFC Tap-to-Pair

Configuration Cloning, Xerox Extensible Interface Platform®, Xerox® App Gallery App, Xerox® Standard Accounting Tool, Network Accounting Enabled, Role Based Permissions, Convenience Authentication Enabled, Online Support

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Catalan, Ukrainian, Croatian

page1image118815888 page1image121084400 page1image121084704page1image121085008 page1image121085440page1image121085744 page1image121086048page1image121086352 page1image121086656page1image121086960 page1image121087264page1image121087568 page1image121088128page1image121088336


Xerox® VersaLink® C400 Color Printer



North America
Europe and Other Geographies


Continuous Printing4 Ready/Standby Mode4

Energy Saver/Sleep Mode4


Required Temperature Range (Storage)

Required Temperature Range (Operating)

Required Relative Humidity

Sound Power Levels

Operating Standby

Sound Pressure Levels

Operating Standby

Boot Time
(from Off to UI Ready)

Warm-up Time
(from Sleep to UI Ready)


VersaLink® C400 550-sheet Paper Tray


VersaLink® C400
550-sheet Paper Tray

page2image120084656 page2image120084960

Voltage: 110-127 VAC+/- 10% Frequency: 50/60 Hz+/- 3Hz, 10 A

Voltage: 220-240 VAC+/- 10% Frequency: 50/60 Hz+/- 3Hz, 6 A

705 watts or less 76 watts or less 4 watts or less

32°Fto95°F/0°Cto35°C 50°Fto90°F/10°Cto32°C 10%to 85%
6.88 B(A) or less

page2image120115040 page2image120115344 page2image120115648page2image120116080 page2image120116384page2image120116688 page2image120116992page2image120117296 page2image120117600page2image120117904 page2image120118208page2image120118768 page2image120118976page2image120119280 page2image120119584page2image120119888 page2image120120192page2image120120496 page2image120120800page2image120121104

5.0 B(A) or less

53.1 dB(A) or less 29.2 dB(A) or less

As fast as 60 seconds As fast as 6 seconds


19.3 in./491 mm 16.8 in./427 mm


page2image120140576 page2image120140880 page2image120141184page2image120141488 page2image120141792page2image120142096


19.2 in./488 mm 19.1 in./485 mm


As fast as 9.3 seconds color/8.2 seconds black-and-white Up to 600 x 600 x 8 dpi (enhanced)

4 mm from edge of paper


15.7 in./399 mm 5.4 in./138 mm



57 lb./26 kg 8.6 lb./3.9 kg


67.13 lb./30.45 kg 11.7 lb./5.3 kg

page2image120180320 page2image120180624 page2image120180928 page2image120181232 page2image120181536 page2image120181840page2image120182144 page2image120182448 page2image120182752 page2image120183056 page2image120183360 page2image120183664 page2image120183968page2image120184272 page2image120184576 page2image120184880 page2image120185184 page2image120185488 page2image120185792 page2image120186096page2image120186400 page2image120186704 page2image120187008 page2image120187312 page2image120187616

24.7 in./627 mm

25.1 in./638 mm 21.4 in./544 mm

20.7 in./526 mm 9.5 in./241 mm

page2image120198784 page2image120199088 page2image120199392 page2image120199696 page2image120142400 page2image120199904page2image120200112 page2image120200416 page2image120200720 page2image120201024 page2image120201328page2image120201632



First-Print-Out Time Print Resolution

Maximum Print Area

23.2 in./590 mm
To view the latest list of certifications, go to


First-Print-Out Time Print Resolution

Maximum Print Area

23.2 in./590 mm
To view the latest list of certifications, go to

page2image120224464 page2image120224768

Page Description Languages

PCL® 5e, 6 PDF

® PostScript® 3TM

page2image120240880 page2image120241184


Xerox® VersaLink® C400 Color Printer

Print Features

Application Defaults
Banner Pages Enable/Disable
Bi-directional Real-time Status
Booklet Layout
Color Adjustments (lightness, contrast, saturation, color balance)
Color Correction
Draft Mode
Fit to New Paper Size
Job Identification (Print ID or Banner, Print ID in margins on first page only or all pages) Job Monitoring (Client or Local User Interface)
N-up Page Layout (up to 16 pages per sheet)
Paper Selection by Attribute
Personal Print
Print Around Enable/Disable
Print from USB
Run Black
Sample Set
Saved Job
Secure Print
Skip Blank Pages
Special Pages (exception page programming: covers, inserts, exceptions pages)
Store and Recall Driver Settings
Stored Jobs Deletion
Two-sided Printing
Watermark (predefined and custom)
Earth Smart Driver Settings

Print from USB

Allows walk-up printing from Type A USB port
Supports direct printing from computer via Type B USB port Supported file formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS, PDF/A

Operating Systems

Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Windows Server 2008 SP2, Server 2008 R2 SP1, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2, Server 2016 macOS
® 10.11, 10.12, 10.13
Redhat® Enterprise Linux®
Fedora Core
® AIX®
Oracle® Solaris

Note: For information about supported versions for the above operating systems, please visit our Drivers & Downloads page and specify your device at

® Global Print Driver®

PostScript fonts: 136 PCL fonts: 83

A truly universal print driver that lets IT administrators install, upgrade and manage Xerox® and non-Xerox® devices from a single driver. It provides a consistent, easy-to-use interface for end-users, reducing the number of support calls, and simplifying print services management.

page3image120495760 page3image120496064

Xerox® Pull Print Driver

Makes it easy for IT managers to qualify, deploy and manage all print devices using a single driver
in a Pull Print environment. Uses a single queue and single driver. The Xerox
® Pull Print Driver extends convenience across a broad range of printing assets. IT administrators no longer need to manage and configure multiple drivers. Used in conjunction with Equitrac Office®, Ysoft® SafeQ®, Pharos®
and others.

Mobile Solutions

Apple® AirPrint® Mopria® Certified

Print email, photos and important office documents directly from an Apple iPhone® or iPad® with no drivers to install and no cables to connect. With AirPrint, an iPhone or iPad automatically locates and connects to the AirPrint-enabled device over the office Wi-Fi network.

ConnectKey® Technology-enabled print devices are Mopria® certified. Mopria® certification ensures you can print wirelessly from your Mopria® supported (Android) smart phone, tablet and other mobile devices instantly and easily.

Xerox® @printbyXerox App

@printbyXerox App is a free service that allows secure printing from any email-enabled device (computer, phone, tablet, iOS, AndroidTM, Google® ChromebookTM and more) to a Xerox® printer or MFP using a single email address with no IT intervention. No training is needed. End-users simply send attachments to the email address, and release them at the MFP panel.

Xerox® Print Services plug-in for AndroidTM (Free at Google PlayTM Store)

The Xerox® Print Services plug-in for Android KitKat (4.4 or greater) devices streamlines mobile printing without third-party apps or additional print drivers. You can easily print photos, web pages and documents when your mobile device is connected to printers or multifunction printers using a wireless network. A robust print option set includes two-sided printing, stapling and secure code release. A free download is available from the Google PlayTM store.

Xerox® Easy Assist App

The Xerox® Easy Assist app simplifies installation, monitoring and management of your printer or MFP right from your mobile phone. It provides easy access to self-support services and real-time monitoring of printer performance. And, Xerox® Smart Start Software takes the guess work out of setup by automating the installation of the latest software for your printer or MFP on your computer – all without IT support – allowing you to be up and running quickly.

Xerox® Workplace Suite
and Xerox
® Workplace Cloud

Xerox® Workplace Suite is a modular set of workflows designed to save customers time and money by providing effective control over their print fleet, while enabling worker productivity and mobility through a set of robust workflows. Xerox enables ultimate customer flexibility by offering these capabilities in both an on-premises server version (Workplace Suite) and with a cloud based-version (Workplace Cloud) of this solution.


Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps (Found at the Xerox App Gallery)

Increase user productivity by simplifying and shortening everyday tasks. Unlike traditional software, ConnectKey® Apps do not require a dedicated server, PC or IT resource. Instead, simply download these lightweight, serverless ConnectKey® Apps to the ConnectKey® Technology-enabled device.