HP PageWide XL Installation Site Requirements

A guide to picking the right place for your HP PageWide XL

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where will an HP PageWide XL fit?” If so, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the HP PageWide XL Installation Site Requirements as well as discuss our recommendation. It is not what you think it will be either! As the leading experts in everything HP PageWide XL from Installation to Production, we have seen it all. Rest assured that our recommendation is based on real-world experience.

Where will an HP PageWide XL fit?

Let’s start with what HP recommends. For this example, we will use the PageWide XL 8200/PageWide XL 5200/PageWide XL 4200/Pagewide XL 3920. The manufacturer recommends the following for How Much Room Is Needed for an HP PageWide XL. This is without any attachments (Rear Stacker/Folder)

  • 39.4″ from the rear.
  • 29.5″ from the front.
  • 29.5″ from both sides.

Since the measurements of the machine are 77″ wide and 30.9″ deep (according to HP) that makes the total area needed is 136″ x 99.8″ as recommended by HP. While that will completely work and your installation will be very simple, we have found in the real world that it is sometimes rare to find a perfect area.

So, How Much Room Is Needed for an HP PageWide XL?

We have found the area actually needed for a printer of this size is a lot smaller than advertised. Sometimes with a bit of creativity and some help from others, you might be able to get your PageWide XL to fit. There is some good news if you are asking “Is my Room too small for HP PageWide XL?”

The real measurements of the machine are actually a little smaller. It is actually 76.8″ wide and 31.5″ deep. Not a huge difference but this does matter when you are trying to plan your installation. Our recommendations for spacing based on real-world applications and what we have installed in the field are as follows for all PageWide XLs.

  • Add 6″ behind the machine for airflow.
  • Add 31″ in front of the drawers so you can open them and then have some room for loading paper.
  • Add 6″ to the left side for Maintenance Cartridge Door.

That makes the real-world HP PageWide XL Installation Site Requirements 68.5″ x 82.8″. That is a space savings of a little over 54 Sq Ft.

How do I get the printer in the room?!?

This is a great question and when we earlier mentioned having some creativity, planning this part of the installation is where you will need it the most.

There have been many occasions where we have had to take apart a PageWide XL and bring it into an office or up an elevator and then put it back together in the desired space for the customer. (Please don’t do this yourself. Be sure to contact a Certified HP Service Technician to help with your installation.) With the right know-how and some patience, you will be surprised where you will be able to place your new PageWide XL.