HP Printers in the job site trailer and Epson Printers in the job site trailer.

If you’re in the market for a printing powerhouse that can keep up with your blueprint blitz on the job site, Eastern Engineering has picked up the newest Epson Product Line for you! Let’s dive into why Epson and HP printer products are the real winners for your Construction job site workspace, leaving the other options as a second thought. 

Blueprint Brilliance with unmatched speeds: 

When it’s time to bring those blueprints to life, Epson and HP step up to the plate. Their printers nail the details, from intricate measurements to fine lines, giving your team the crystal-clear plans they need to build greatness. They take up the smallest footprint in the trailer space the any other A3 print product on the market capable of 13×19 Prints! With our HP Wide-formats if you need larger blueprints. 

Budget-Friendly Prints and No Long-Term Lease Contract(Short Term):

Let’s talk about budget and contracts – At Eastern, we know every dollar counts on the job site. Epson and HP’s printers are very lean on ink consumption, so you won’t need a second mortgage to keep the prints coming out at speeds faster than any print product on the market! At a cost, no other product comes close to on the construction job sites!


You’re not operating in a cozy office space, and neither should your printer. Epson machines are solid devices, ready to handle the dust and dirtier environment of your construction site. No more worrying about delicate printers in a rough environment. Its new no-heat technology gives it gives quick wake-up times with faster reliable first print-out speeds at a low operating cost. Eastern’s service technicians will be on site with an average response time of 4 hours. Automatic supply replenishment is also included in our Epson and HP rentals with free service calls and support with a warranty.

Easy To Set Up and Use Print/Scan Technology: 

Epson and HP printers are designed with simplicity, reliability, and security in mind, so you can get up and running without wasting a second. The user interface is easy to use! Giving you more time printing, less time trying to set up, and figuring out how to scan something! Easy set up for Blueprints scans and prints.

If you are in the market for a short-term (under 3yrs) job site trailer rental!  You will NOT find a more unique rental program like Easterns in the construction job site market! The Epson printer product is dependable, has an extremely small footprint, is efficient, 13×19 print/scan capable, and is always up for the job! Our rental programs start at under $150 per month which includes: supplies, service calls, installation, and prints!

How does a small family-owned company from Muncie, Indiana with now close to 100 employees rank #1 with HP nationally in large format sales? Also, how does a large company like HP ask a small company for design input on its newest products? It’s because of our service and our unique rental programs available to customers!! Our unique programs include new technology, service, supplies, prints, installation, and the device available all across the U.S. with Eastern technicians servicing.

Please contact me if you would like to know more!