My first experience with an HP Pagewide Pro printing on foam board

HP PageWide XL Pro printing on foam board.

PageWide XL Pro Printing on foam core board in Toledo Ohio.

I had my first experience with the HP Pagewide Pro XL 8200 printing foam boards and posters. The HP Pro’s come with two new features. According to HP this new technology nearly eliminates color banding when printing wide-format foam boards and posters. The two main differences are keeping the temperature consistent between the LEDs and using fans to create airflow to reduce banding. Previous units had a lot of color banding and even from a distance, you could detect the variations. For instance, the banding was especially noticed on posters with blue and black solids.


Seeing is believing!

 The most significant advancement of an HP PageWide Pro is being able to print directly on foam core boards. There is no doubt that printing on foam core is the most amazing and unique feature. I can’t wait for you to see it! Check out this 27-second video and you’ll be impressed too:

Print 3 Foam Core Boards Per Minute

Currently, the Pro series comes in the 10,000, 8200, and 5200 series only. You can check out the full lineup here: For architects, engineers, and large construction companies these are the perfect devices to serve both CAD printing and business development foam core board printing for presentations. All these devices print 3 foam core boards a minute and print full-color posters from 12 pages per minute to 30 pages. Improvements in graphic quality and being able to print directly to foam core make this product certainly stand out above the rest!

Hospitals, Grocery Stores, and Production Print Houses

Although this was my first experience using an HP Pagewide Pro printing foam board and posters, it was certainly unforgettable. The quality is outstanding the speed is unrivaled. Let’s take this technology one step further, my belief is that anyone printing poster and board advertisements for grocery stores, department stores, fast-food chains, concert venues, hospitals, and beer distributors should have one of these in their production facility. If you watched the video, I’m sure you already agree! I’ll try to do another blog on using HP Smart Stream so you can see how easy HP has made it to print.