Service Agreements Save Lives

Service Agreements Save Lives…

Your Printer’s Life That Is!

My name is Ken and I have been servicing printers for over 14 years.

In my years of experience, the one thing that I can say without a doubt, is the printers that are in the worst condition, are the ones that are not covered under a service agreement.

How do regular preventative maintenance checks extend the life of a printer?

When a printer does not get regular maintenance checks, internal components tend to fail faster. Or worse, it can cause cascading failures. I see the scenario over and over: No service agreement – the printer breaks. Customers are faced with a hefty repair cost, sometimes in the thousands, or they can spend even more to replace the printer.

Wide-format printers are one of your companies most important assets.
You should absolutely protect it with a service agreement.
This will ensure your printer will last for years to come.

About 70% of the cost of owning a large format printer is routine (preventative) service maintenance. The other 30% is break/fix maintenance. Without a service agreement your company’s asset is being neglected about 70% of the time.

What is a Preventative Maintenance Schedule?

There are recommended maintenance repairs that should be scheduled when a printer reaches certain meter usage readings. This schedule will inform the technicians when it’s time for periodic parts to be replacements such as: fuser rolls, bearings, drums, print heads, charge wires, filters and other high usage parts. Worn parts are replaced and included with a service agreement

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Service contracts are so expensive!”

So let’s look at some of the benefits that can help offset the cost.

• Using the service agreement does not cause a price increase

• Your printer WILL breakdown. Just like all machines they will only run for so long without needing some assistance.

• A small monthly fee over time, is easier to manage than a large unexpected repair bill which can range in the thousands.

• Preventative maintenance twice a year will reduce service calls and printer downtime.

Give us a call today and ask how you can save a life.

Your Printers Life!

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