Online Plan Room Features

What makes a great online plan room?

Sending Bid Invitations

A great online plan room will have the ability to send bid invitations to a large audience. The idea is that you want to get as many quality bids as possible. The tools that Eastern Engineering has will make your life much easier. The first tool is something we provide you with. Our online plan room has a bid invitation tool where you can select the contacts you want and send them an invitation that takes them directly to the plan room to view the documents or to even place a bid online. The second, and possibly most important, is the network of contractors and other construction professionals who have signed up to get a notice of all new projects. This includes all projects in the family of Eastern Engineering’s plan room portals.

Custom Plan Room

Next, every firm deserves to have its own custom plan room. Eastern Engineering can provide this by using our already proven platform and branding it for your business. This includes using a URL that you would choose. We even give you the tools to manage it yourself if you so choose. Of course, our awesome distribution department will always be at service if needed. Your plan room is set up your way.

Online Bidding

With the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone quickly discovered that it is sometimes necessary and convenient to just post something online. With our online plan room, we provide a safe and secure way to get your bids online. From the countdown timer to viewing the bidding documents, everything is carefully planned and prepared to make sure your bid process is compliant.

Addenda Notifications

Being able to communicate to all plan holders about an addendum is extremely important. Thankfully with our online plan room, you are able to notify everyone with the addendum and also get a report with a confirmation. That way there are no excuses. With the help of our distribution department and print department, we can send out both digital and analog versions of all addenda.

Online Plan Room Support

When using our online plan room, either a custom or Eastern Engineering’s plan room, you will always get fantastic support throughout the duration of your project. This can be with project setup and sending out notifications to help bidders get logged in on a daily basis. Your distribution representative will help you with all of your plan room needs.