Learn How to Calibrate an HP Pagewide XL Printhead

Actions to take to successfully repair HP PWXL printhead

So you are experiencing streaks, missing lines, and prints that don’t look as good as they should? In this article and the following video you will learn how print the HP PWXL calibration sheet, how to repair HP PWXL printhead, how to fix clogged Pagewide printhead nozzles and Learn How to Calibrate an HP Pagewide XL Printhead. When you experience printhead image quality issues, the HP PWXL Printhead is typically the culprit. The PWXL 3920, PWXL 4200, PWXL 4200, and PWXL 8200’s all use the same printhead technology so this video and blog posting should work for these models. Follow along in the video and you will learn the following steps to repair HP PWXL Printhead and will Learn How to Calibrate an HP Pagewide XL Printhead.

First, print the HP PWXL calibration sheet to Identify the Printhead Issue. You can do this from the touchscreen panel.

Next, Identify which of the 8 Pagewide Printheads are causing issues.
You may only need to recover one printhead but often times you may want to recover all 8 heads at once.

Last, Rinse and Repeat.
You will need to run the printhead giving issues through multiple cleaning cycles to try and repair the HP PWXL printhead. Depending on the severity of the issue and the number of nozzles impacted it can be necessary to do this several times. Clogged Pagewide printhead nozzles will need this done quite a bit to get the issue fixed.

Check out this Video which details HP PWXL Printhead Calibration to Learn How to Calibrate a HP Pagewide XL Printhead