HP PageWide XL Voltage Leak Error – Reseat Printhead

What does the low voltage reset printhead alert mean and what steps should you take?

So you have a warning message that says you need to reseat the printhead in your HP PageWide XL (0040-0002-0254 PageWide Error). The HP PageWide XL Voltage Leak Error – Reseat Printhead error can get quite expensive if not properly addressed. This low voltage reset printhead alert can be confusing because you’ll take the necessary steps according to the touchscreen but still have issues.

The low voltage reseat printhead alert can occur on older and even newer PageWide print systems.

Don’t be alarmed, we are going to walk you through the steps to address the low-voltage reseat printhead alert. Warranty printhead replacement for HP PageWide XL is quite possible with this error which means you could be eligible for a free HP Pagewide Printhead through warranty. Listen to the video which describes this process.


First, On the Control Panel, Navigate to Ink Menu from the Control Panel.

Next, To fix the HP Pagewide XL Voltage Leak Error – Reseat Printhead alert you should follow the steps below. On this screen, you’ll see 8 heads and at the top of some of these, you’ll see a red X. The red X on the PageWide XL printhead may be on heads that the system didn’t alert you about. Often these heads will light up following the first attempt of reseating the printhead that triggered the PageWide voltage leak error.


Then, When the Red X is lit, it doesn’t mean these heads are bad so don’t be alarmed. You’ll want to click on the head with the red x and you’ll see a notice that the replacement was incomplete; start again. This message shouldn’t be confused that the head is bad. You’ll want to find a very specific message outlined in the 3rd step.


Last, Locate the PageWide XL printhead that states “reseat required”. The first thing you should do is try to find the head that gets this error. Once you find this head, you can move it to other heads. If the message continues to say “reseat required”, it’s a good indicator that this head is bad. You may be eligible for warranty replacement and should contact HP to obtain your free HP PageWide XL printhead.


Check out this Video! You will learn how to get the warranty printhead replacement for HP PageWide XL.