HP PageWide Technology – Here’s how they do it and why they call it “page-wide.”

A common expectation for digital printing is that you can’t have it all: if you need to print faster, then you should expect lower quality; if you need the highest quality, then you must accept lower productivity.

HP’s PageWide printing technology has changed all that and now you can have it all.

Printing — Printers with scalable print heads for any paper width

Scalable Printing Technology—SPT includes printhead technologies, advanced inks, materials, design rules, and precision production. SPT accelerated the pace of HP printing innovation by delivering printheads that are scalable in size, features, and performance.

By moving only, the paper under a ‘page-wide’, stationary printhead, HP PageWide Technology overcomes the trade-offs between quality and speed in traditional inkjet printers.

The benefits are speed and quality together with lower costs and less energy.

Quality — The Printhead

The S-shape of the modules allows them to be stacked seamlessly across the width of the paper to build printers in different formats. For example, eight modules are used in the D-size (A1) HP PageWide XL 8000 printer. Each module can print four colors of HP pigment ink in a print. Used modules are easily removed and replaced by the user.

HP SPT allows nozzles to be placed at high density—1200 nozzles per inch—for speed and quality. The printhead is the width of the paper and the printheads can be added to accommodate a small or wide format printer all the way up to a web press paper width.

Speed — One-pass or waterfall printing

HP PageWide Technology gets its speed by printing in a single pass, but achieving reliable quality requires innovation and advanced technologies in printheads, printhead service stations, inks, and paper transport.

HP pigment inks produce high black density and a wide gamut of vivid, saturated colors in a single pass. Prints are dry and ready to use right out of the printer. HP pigment inks offer superior durability: resistance to damage from water, highlighters, dry smudge, and light fade.

Cost — won’t stand in the way of adopting this new technology

PageWide Technology delivers low costs-per-page for both black and color printing by using low cost papers.

Because PageWide Technology is scalable in width and performance, it can support a versatile range of media types, sizes, and weights to meet a variety of applications and printing cost requirements. And, total cost-per-page is kept low because the printheads are designed to deliver a long service life.

The benefits are impressive

  • Breakthrough speed and professional quality
  • Substantial cost savings with the low total cost of ownership
  • Up to 84% less energy consumption per page
  • More reliable operation
  • Monochrome and color at speeds up to 60% faster
  • Durable, moisture- and fade-resistant prints—even on uncoated bond paper
  • Print on a wide range of media
  • Workflow solutions designed to increase operational efficiencies and expand production capabilities
  • Streamlined, dependable operation with built-in automatic quality control

Powering the future of printing

Because of its scalability, broad media versatility, and ability to provide reliable quality and speed together at competitive costs, SPT and HP PageWide Technology have transformed the printing industry.

For the full version from HP click to download the pdf. HP PageWide technology