How to Fix a Noisy Pagewide XL Ink Pump

3 quick steps to repair the ink pump on Pagewide XL

So you are having noise from the right side of the Pagewide XL in your office and it is driving you crazy. Here we will go through the steps needed to find and fix the Actuator noise on an HP Pagewide XL. Follow along in the video as our Service Pro shows you how to diagnose the dreaded Right side Pagwide XL noise!


Remove Panels and Locate the 4 Ink Actuator Pumps
1. The first step to Repair a Pagewide XL Ink Pump involves isolating the correct actuator pump. First, isolate the pumps to determine which pump is creating the noise from the right side of the Pagewide XL.


2. Locate Finger Actuator within Ink Pump and Gear
The finger makes the pump oscillate (see video). You will need to eliminate the actuator from rubbing on the pump.


3. File the Ridge Down at the Base of the Pump
You will only need to file down a 1/2 MM or 1M.


Check out this Video which details repairing a Pagewide XL Ink Pump