Has your wide format printer reached its end-of-life?

Wide-format printers reach their ‘end-of-service’ life after 7 years. At this point manufacturers do not support these printers and consider them discontinued.  Many businesses have wide format printers that still work and continue using them far past the 7-year end of life.

I’m sure you can’t imagine keeping the same cell phone for 7+ years or longer. The technology improves every year. Security is better and new features are added. New sizes and improvements that make the phone so much better. Right?

Huge advancements have also been made for wide format printers in the past 7+ years. New users enjoy faster printing, improved print quality, along with greater productivity and efficiency.

If your wide format printer has reached the end-of-life, now is a great time to upgrade to a new printer. The incredible advancements in wide format printers, just in the last 7 years, will surprise you.

8 reasons to replace your wide-format printer after 7 years

  • No parts available—Manufactures are only required to carry parts for 7 years.
  • No software updates or new drivers —causing network compatibility issues
  • Poor print quality, —lines or streaks
  • Frequent paper jams or wrinkled paper
  • Costly repairs that exceed the cost of purchasing a new printer
  • Worst case, it might just stop working during a busy project
  • Manufacturers have made remarkable improvements to network security. By not updating, your printer is putting your company at risk of being hacked.
  • Old plotters struggle to print today’s complex PDF files. Often missing important information. Updating your equipment ensures your prints are printed accurately with all the details.

Getting a new wide-format printer will be so exciting, your team will cheer when you walk down the hall and give you high-fives!