One of our best products that many businesses don’t have

At Eastern Engineering we wanted to promote our exciting Intelligent Color campaign at all of our locations. We designed window clings for each of our unique buildings.

Our window clings brought a lot of new attention to our buildings and what better way to present the value of color then with splashes of vibrant color across all our windows.  

The decal material is very durable and able to withstand all seasons and temperatures. The cool part is that when we want to change them, we can easily peel the decals off with very little effort, clean the windows and place a new decal.

Give us a call with your ideas and we’ll print awesome decals for your windows too.

Top 5 Benefits of Window Decals

  1. Very affordable and don’t require city permits
  2. Perfect for windows on the interior or exterior
  3. Can be temporary or semi-permanent
  4. Simply add your logo and hours or go for it and add bold decals to larger windows
  5. From the inside the decal is completely see through while providing a light screen that reduces sun glare
Eastern Engineering Indianapolis, IN location
Eastern Engineering Fort Wayne, IN location
Eastern Engineering Muncie, IN location
Eastern Engineering Detroit, MI location