Construction Project Closeout

How simple can a construction project closeout be?

The answer could not be any more simple using eComm. Gone are the days of sorting through files and compiling papers for a stack of binders. What used to take months to complete now takes no time at all. Here are the steps to get your construction project closeout documents from eComm.

  1. Make sure all items on your project are as complete as they need to be.
  2. Submit your closeout request to Eastern Engineering here
  3. Get an awesome Closeout that will impress your project owner.

That sounds good, but what is inside the closeout?

Your closeout will contain all the items that were on eComm as well as any external information that is provided. You will be able to search for keywords inside the entire project as well as filter/sort all items based on any criteria that you might have. Finding that warranty for the bathroom stall door hinge will now only take a few seconds. Your Construction Project Closeout will also contain all the contacts in eComm and their contact information.

How does the Closeout work?

We have made it so anyone with a PC or a MAC can use the closeout. The main document is a PDF that will function best using Adobe (even the free version). The item logs are built and displayed using an excel format. These will work with any program that will read .xls files. You will see a folder system that when opened has a PDF called “ProjectHome”. Open that document and everything else is inside of that. It is very easy to use and to show.

What do I do with my construction project closeout?

While we don’t store the closeout for you, we do provide you with a download link that will be active for 2 weeks. You will be able to download the closeout documents and distribute them however you wish. We recommend keeping an external hard drive with your closeouts on it. Some of our customers do that and then place their closeouts in the cloud using something like Dropbox or OneDrive. Then they share the folders with their project owner. Some customers place the closeouts on a thumb drive and give them to owners with the keys. It really just depends on how you would like to share the documents.

For more information, you can visit our eComm website –