Eastern Engineering has a variety of pre-owned wide format printing and scanning equipment for sale.

We can answer any questions you have, help you find the right equipment for your needs and assist with delivery and installation or shipping.

All pre-owned equipment must pass a quality inspection by one of our certified service technicians. Each piece of equipment has detailed product information including brand, age and use history. We are proud to offer our guarantee the equipment is in good working condition.

If you would like to review our list of available equipment, please contact Tony at 317-727-0703 or email tony@easternengineering.com

Some of the equipment available includes:

Wide Format Printers
Color and black/white wide-format printers

Xerographic Printers
Printers of various speed and graphic quality

Analog Copiers
Copiers of varying speed

Scanners of varying speed and resolution

Inkjet Printers
Color and black/white printers of varying speed