Simple | User Friendly | Electronic. | Only Book Scanner made in the U.S.A.

We provide delivery, installation and training. Available to rent or to purchase.

Could the books in your care be replaced if they were lost to a fire, flood or tornado? It only takes one disaster to destroy your records.

Give Immortality to Your Books. Having electronic files of the books in your library would preserve this valuable information if they are damaged.

Capture Books Before Degradation Makes Them Impossible to Read

Unfortunately, pages from books can be torn out, paper becomes brittle, bindings and covers become loose and worn.

Eliminate Costly Book Maintenance

Save on re-binding, re-covering and restoring books.

Improve Office Workflow

Using stored electronic files makes it possible to print on demand and share files with staff and the public with ease.

Perfect for Fragile Books

Scans from overhead, protecting the spine and binding with less handling
No need to turn over the book and it’s so much easier than a copier!

Fast Speed

2.7 seconds to scan full book area (28”x18”). Saves time by scanning in both directions.

Large Scanning Area

Scan books or documents as large as 18” high x 28” wide and 4” thick.

Formats Supported

TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, and PDF. Scan, e-mail, print or save to USB drive


Sharp, quality images, no distortion with corner to corner scanning
at 400 dpi. Color, grayscale or black & white


Automatic page separation, zooming, rotation and cropping features.


We provide on-site installation, user training, software updates and on-site service