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Viral photo of Wade crashing into Chrissy Teigen and John Legend becomes a work of art printed at Eastern Engineering.

At Eastern Engineering we never know where our work will be seen! 

Eastern Engineering printed this viral work of art. Working with artist Hugh Syme, for this photo-turned-Renaissance painting commissioned by Spalding. Renditions Framing Center in Indianapolis custom framed the gift. The moment was captured by Miami Herald photographer Charles Trainor Jr. 

The original photo of the hilarious incident was taken on April 9 during Dwyane Wade’s final NBA home game with the Heat (He has since retired). Following the epic fall, Teigen joked on Twitter that the image was like “a renaissance painting” after the Miami Herald tweeted at her to ask if she wanted a copy.

Spaulding loved her idea and sent singer, John Legend and former model, Chrissy Teigen a “Renaissance painting” of the moment.

Teigen posted a picture on Instagram of the giant framed photo with the caption, “oh my god someone sent us this giant work of art.” In the comments section, Spalding said they sent the gift.

The hilarious moment went viral after Teigen shared on her Instagram. 

Although Eastern Engineering is known for our technical printing, you might be surprised at the artist  printing capabilities we also provide. Call us if you need a Renaissance painting printed for a gift!

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