Upload a File

  1. Click the orange “Upload a File” tab at the top-right of all website pages
  2. Fill in your personal contact information
  3. Select your due date and time
  4. Select your delivery method
  5. Select which store location/department that you are sending your files to
  6. Type any instructions or notes that you would like included on your order
  7. Attach your files
  8. Click on the “Place order and upload files” button to complete the process

Upload A File

Need Help?

If you have any questions while uploading your file please contact the Fishers Office at 1.866.884.4115.

  • Indianapolis (Fishers), IN 1.866.884.4115
  • Ft. Wayne, IN 1.866.782.4115
  • Muncie, IN 1.800.884.4115
  • Toledo, OH 419.661.9841