Simplify Bid Management

Speed the Bid Cycle, Improve Bid Quality

With eDistribution, Invitations To Bid (ITB) are distributed to multiple contractors at the same time, ensuring your project attracts the right contractors at a competitive price.

eDistribution is available as a password-protected site for private projects, letting you control who can bid on your


projects. You’ll have the tools necessary to send notifications, track communication, and view various bid documents. Public sites let you take full advantage of eDistribution’s sizable subcontractor database.

Whether your project is public or private, flexible and automated controls ensure all bidders have the latest information to accurately bid the project. You can monitor pre-bid activity and take action as needed, such as contacting subcontractors before the bid date closes to avoid date extensions or low bid activity – both costly to a project owner.

Hosted Solution — Local Expert Support


E-Distribution is available to bidding contractors 24/7 without a membership or subscription fee. Because eDistribution is hosted and supported by your local certified Construction Information Manager (IM), project set-up is fast and easy. Your IM performs the processing, distribution, and communication for the bid phase of your project, alleviating the need for IT resources.

Flexible Arrangements — Public or Custom Site

Larger establishments with frequent project bidding may opt for a custom eDistribution site. Custom sites have a unique web address and give you the reins to manage and control the bid process.

Public Custom
Site Hosting Hosted by provider Hosted by provider
URL eDistribution host company URL Unique to your site
Admin Support eDistribution host company performs all administrative functions to support bid Customer company performs administrative functions
Contact Management Central contact database, management, notifications performed by eDistribution host company Independent user database; Manage own contacts; Send notifications



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Simple to navigate bidding projects

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