Printing Services

AEC_printingNew build or expansion? Design or build phase? Whatever your construction project team needs, Eastern Engineering can provide the plan sets you need. Our approach gets you accurate, timely prints wherever you need them, while offering predictable pricing, digital service, and reduced waste.

Plotting/Printing: Wherever you’re starting from, get accurate digital drawings. We can print black & white plots up to 36 inches and color up to 60 inches wide.

Distribution: Plans in hand, wherever you need them. Our print services team delivers drawing sets throughout Indiana. (Outside our delivery area? Turn to our online solutions or pick up jobs at one of our locations.)

On-site Facility Management: Staffed by Eastern Engineering, our experienced on-site resources off-load the day-to-day operation of key functions such as scanning, printing, and file management. Available fixed or demand priced, on-site FM services are typically a reimbursable project expense. 

Our print services staff is committed to accurate plans on the tightest timelines. Let us help – request a quote or upload a file.

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